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Posted 11/30/2023

Submissions Open for Sidearm & Sorcery Volume 3

Submissions are open as of 12:01 AM December 1st, 2023. They'll be open for 2 weeks.

Make sure you put your contact info in the header of your submission. I'm not super picky about formatting there, but don't stray too far from one of the standard manuscript formats. For example, I don't need the word count to be right justified while the rest of the header is left justified.

Use a common file format. odt, doc, rtf are all acceptable.

Attach your submission to an email, put a one sentence author bio and a 1-3 sentence teaser for your story in the body of your email, give your email the subject of "Sidearm & Sorcery Submission" and send it to submissions "at" this website.

If you need more info about what the anthology is all about, see the previous post.