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Every once in a while, StoryHack will publish a non-magazine work. Here is what we have so far:

Sidearm & Sorcery Volume Three

Evil hides is the shadows of modern life. Mythic monsters lurk among the refuse of city streets. Wizards that peep and mutter seek unholy power in the present-day. Unfortunately, there aren't enough kindly sorcerers, children of prophecy, or battlesuit-powered billionaires to go around. So when average people are swallowed up in supernatural trouble, sometimes they have to stand against the darkness by themselves. These are their stories.

Included in this volume are twelve new stories of regular people facing the worst the paranormal world as to offer. These heroes may not have powers, but they refuse to be powerless.

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Sidearm & Sorcery Volume Two

Supernatural evils lay hidden, deep in the shadows of society. Be these dangers man or beast, they will strike at unsuspecting, everyday people. What if there are no selfless wizards around when a demon steps from the alley? What if there are no supers to be found when the ancient demigod awakens? What if there is no prophesy and no chosen one to stand in the way of the dark forces? In these cases, regular people must must find the courage to face the foe. The protagonists in these stories have no magic powers, but they refuse to be powerless.

This collection of 17 short stories brings you new adventures and new dangers, all in modern settings.

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Sidearm & Sorcery Volume One

“In Sidearm and Sorcery, the authors weave stories of courage and mysticism with just the right amount of terror and the strange.” – JReviews

In the modern world, paranormal dangers lurk all around us. When there is no chosen one to be found, no altruistic half-vampire around, and no superheros flying ahead, it’s up to average people to do the business of defeating evil. They have no powers, no prophesies, and all the odds stacked against them.

In this short story collection, regular folk find themselves up against nightmare creatures, conniving warlocks, and all manner of supernatural dangers. All set in contemporary environments. Nine new tales of magic and adventure.

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Dark Fantasies

by Misha Burnett

“Misha Burnett is one of the most talented undiscovered gems working in the field today.” – Jon Del Arroz

Misha Burnett invites you to take several short trips with him to his most cherished fictional realms. Stories contained in this volume will wisk you away to times and places where magic is real and dangerous. You’ll shake before mighty enchantments, observe exotic cultures, fight for a good cause, and be back before you know it.

This collection includes works both old and new, and is sure to leave you hoping to visit these realms again soon.

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