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Posted 03/22/2023

Sidearm & Sorcery Volume Two, now available!

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Supernatural evils lay hidden, deep in the shadows of society. Be these dangers man or beast, they will strike at unsuspecting, everyday people. What if there are no selfless wizards around when a demon steps from the alley? What if there are no supers to be found when the ancient demigod awakens? What if there is no prophesy and no chosen one to stand in the way of the dark forces? In these cases, regular people must must find the courage to face the foe. The protagonists in these stories have no magic powers, but they refuse to be powerless. This collection of 17 short stories brings you new adventures and new dangers, all in modern settings.

Here's what you'll find inside:

Flaxen Wires by Bryce Beattie

A runaway girl is magically coerced into commiting a heinous crime. Can a friend of the family track down and stop the cruel magus who's pulling her strings?

First Kiss, First Kill by Beth Buck

Stephen can't understand why his mom hates his new girlfriend so much. In the midst of this familial spat, Stephen discovers that there is more in heaven and earth than is dreamed of in his philosophy, and learns that his dad's frequent business trips might be more than they seem.

They Delved Too Deep by Misha Burnett

A construction crew accidentally opens a cavern that should not exist, and wastes no time getting lost in its dangerous depths. But does this impossible dungeon have a dragon?

City Eater by JD Cowan

An incomprehensible evil force is tearing the city apart. What can one man do to save his family?

Swamp Serpents by Nathan Dabney

People are disappearing from a small Louisiana town. A rogue branch of the Confederate government catches wind of the trouble and sends agents to investigate. But will they be enough to stop a backwoods cult of snake-women and their zombie army?

In the Hall of the Crocodile King by Michael DeCarolis

When the princess of an enchanted realm goes missing, a Bangkok detective finds herself in the middle of a human trafficking operation run by a creature out of legend. But how can she save the princess when she gets captured, too?

Personal Mythologies by Dale Glaser

A private investigator is hired track down a seductive con artist. What will he do when he learns the culprit is the literal succubus that he used to date?

Scent of the Sand Wurm in the Evening by James Krake

A down on his luck exterminator is convinced by a sultry temptress to try his hand at taking down a colossal pest.

A Moonblessed Hunt by John Longtain

When people go missing in a park, modern paladin Urs is sure a varvampire is behind the disappearances, and gets ready for another hunt. But will he succeed when he finds himself dealing with a priestess of the moon that can’t provide him with the necessary magic to take down the monster?

Den of the Necrolord by TJ Marquis

The new guy seemed awfully eager to haul this load through a supernaturally dangerous stretch of highway. The money is good, but not good enough to be excited about risking one's life. What other motivation could he possibly have to visit the lair of the man known as the Necrolord?

Ain't No Grave by Jason McCuiston

When the grave of a notorious occultist is robbed, Connor Mackay is asked to look into it. Working with a beautiful police detective, he must navigate a shadowy conspiracy in order to prevent a foul act of necromancy.

The Red Horse of War by Z. M. Renick

Zach Allen is a small-town cop doing his best to hold his jurisdiction together after it's been devastated by disasters both natural and unnatural. But the borders of reality are collapsing, and the local biker gang has formed an alliance with a creature from another world. Zach must make a desperate gamble in hopes of saving his hometown.

Souldrinker by Frank Sawielijew

In rural Bavaria, a curio shop owner comes into possession of a shimmering orb of mysterious power. She, along with everyone who stares into its depths, is compelled to visit an old baroque manor in a nearby town. She soon discovers this is all a sorcerous trap set by a cult leader masquerading as a mental health guru. Will she be able to stop his dark ritual, or is it already too late?

A Shilling for Your Troubles by Mark J. Schultis

An impoverished divorcé thinks he has finally found the answer to his plight only to discover that he's done business with an ageless evil who thirsts on terror.

The Baron of Nevada & His Branded Broads by David Skinner

Loot is loot, occult or not, and he needs the money. But stealing from the Baron means dealing with his Broads!

Infestation by H.A. Titus

The family business includes removal of obstinate supernatural entities. What's a country exorcist to do when his usual tricks don't work?

The Galveston Incident by Luke West

When an ancient cult resurfaces in the most unlikely place- a mall food court- can a pair of gym bros stop the slaughter? Or will a forgotten goddess’s hipster minions plunge the world into a thousand years of night, right in front of the sunglasses hut?

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