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Posted 07/01/2024

Sidearm & Sorcery Volume Three now available!

Sidearm and Sorcery Volume Three cover

Evil hides is the shadows of modern life. Mythic monsters lurk among the refuse of city streets. Wizards that peep and mutter seek unholy power in the present-day. Unfortunately, there aren't enough kindly sorcerers, children of prophecy, or battlesuit-powered billionaires to go around. So when average people are swallowed up in supernatural trouble, sometimes they have to stand against the darkness by themselves. These are their stories.

Included in this volume are twelve new stories of regular people facing the worst the paranormal world as to offer. These heroes may not have powers, but they refuse to be powerless.

This is Sidearm & Sorcery Volume Three.

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Here is what you'll find inside:

What's It Like in There? by JD Cowan

A boy wakes up and wonders where the last decade has gone. He's in an unfamiliar apartment and the world outside has apparently embraced insanity. He is rescued only to find that there soon won't be anywhere safe to hide--the world is ending. All that remains is madness, magic, and bullets.

Hell is in These Hills by Jason McCuiston

Hired to investigate a human-trafficking ring, Connor Mackay follows the trail to an ancient and powerful evil hidden deep in the hills of East Tennessee.

Mixed Mystic Arts by Niko Haapala

In the brutal world of MMA, some fighter will do anything to gain an upper hand. What can a young contender do when his opponent summons an ancient and malevolent power to the ring?

Vagrant Vigilante by Josh VanZile

Homeless by choice, Rory has all the time in the world for his favorite hobby, hunting monsters in the depths of the city. A chance encounter gives Rory the opportunity at his second favorite thing, a rare bottle of whiskey. He just has to do some rescuing before he can get it.

Acts of Contrition by Daniel Minucci

Sometimes it takes a killer to confront monsters. Giorgio Leone is an ex-gangster with a lot of blood on his hands. But these days, that blood isn't exactly human.

Shrinkage by Misha Burnett

A young man is called to service a security system at a big box store in the middle of the night. What can he do when he learns the problem is not technical, but an invasion of wild fae?

Abandonment and Possession by Dale W. Glaser

Kellan Oakes has faced many challenges as a private investigator, but never before a direct threat from a rival P.I. When the rival proves to be something other than human, Kellan must uncover its true nature before the competition puts Kellan out of business permanently.

The Devouring Mother of Appalachia by Carl Brown

A brief stroll on the Appalachian Trail leaves Ram Schaeffer tangled up with a lamia! Are his wits, grit, and flashlight enough to save him from… The Devouring Mother of Appalachia?

Red Wine, Books, and Ammunition by Julie Frost

Kurt, a retired Army Ranger and current antique book dealer, is sick to death of paying protection money to the local werewolf pack. When they give the lady who owns the diner next door a black eye, his gloves come all the way off.

Supernatural Survival Merit Badge by Jason Akinaka

A ragtag Boy Scout troop is left without supervision at a remote campsite to complete their Wilderness Survival Merit Badge. When they encounter a sinister character on the beach, their survival simulation turns into chilling reality.

Yahoo Cafe by Jay Barnson

The two yokels wanted to scare off the city boys, and maybe take their cash, too. But, once in the woods, the faked call was too real, and now a local legendary beast is hunting them all down.

Werewolf of the Redmoss Apartments by Bryce Beattie

The unsummonist is asked to help a lonely teenage girl who is being stalked by an young occult practitioner. Things go from bad to worse when the fledgling sorcerer sacrifices his way into obtaining shape-shifting demonic power.

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